21 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

Vibrio Vulnificus: Rare Flesh-Eating Bacterial Infection Claims Lives in Connecticut and New York

Officials verified Wednesday that at least three individuals died in Connecticut and New York from acquiring a rare flesh-eating bacteria prevalent in warm, brackish waters or raw shellfish. In accordance with Christopher Boyle, director of communications for the state’s Department of Public Health, two individuals in Connecticut contracted Vibrio vulnificus and died after swimming in […]

2 mins read

NY Medicaid Budget Surpasses $100B Amid Migrant Crisis

Annually, New York’s public health insurance for the indigent surpasses $100 billion. The migrant crisis may lead to further growth. Based on New York budget estimates, the state’s Medicaid program presently enrolls 7.8 million residents at a staggering cost of $108 billion for 2023-24. This is nearly $10 billion more than the $99 million budget […]