21 Jul, 2024
2 mins read

E. coli Outbreak Strikes University of Arkansas Campus, Officials Report

Northwest Arkansas is experiencing an outbreak of E. coli infections, based on an announcement sent by Danyelle McNeill, a spokesman for the Arkansas Department of Health. A spokesperson for the Arkansas Department of Health stated at a press conference this afternoon that four individuals were hospitalized.  In addition, roughly 100 university students responded to an […]

2 mins read

CDC Reports Salmonella Outbreak: 26 Affected Across 11 States from Small Turtle Connection

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) warns the American public that over two dozen individuals have fallen ill in 11 states due to a salmonella outbreak associated with small turtles.  31% of known incidents in this outbreak are attributable to children under the age of 5, as they are particularly prone to contracting […]

2 mins read

Death Toll Climbs in Flood Zones, China Alerts on Disease Outbreaks

China has warned of crop and animal diseases spreading as floodwaters receded from northern rural areas, while some cities struggled to restore drinking water supplies following the worst flooding in six decades, which killed more than 30 people. Storms that followed Typhoon Doksuri last week flooded the province of Hebei, which borders the capital Beijing, […]