21 Jul, 2024
3 mins read

Unconventional Fighter Jet Procurement Reflects Saudi Arabia’s Dissatisfaction with US

In a surprising move, Saudi Arabia is reportedly considering a departure from its decades-long practice of procuring US and British fighter jets.  This potential shift signifies a significant change in the kingdom’s defense procurement strategy and could have broader implications for its geopolitical alliances. Throughout the years, Saudi Arabia has developed a powerful air force […]

3 mins read

Humanitarian Crisis: Report Points to Saudi Border Guards in Tragic Deaths of Migrants

In a disturbing report titled ‘They Fired On Us Like Rain,’ Human Rights Watch (HRW) sheds light on the dire circumstances faced by hundreds of migrants, predominantly Ethiopians, attempting to cross the war-torn Yemen to reach Saudi Arabia.  The report is replete with grim accounts of migrants being shot dead, experiencing limb-severing gunfire, and encountering […]