19 Jun, 2024
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Next-Gen Ukrainian Underwater Drone: A Silent Threat to Russian Warships

Ukraine has introduced the Marichka, a 20-foot-long underwater drone designed to revolutionize its engagement with Russian warships in the Black Sea. As tensions continue to simmer in the region, this state-of-the-art vessel promises a new dimension to Ukraine’s maritime strategy, aimed at countering Putin’s formidable Black Sea fleet.  This underwater drone, named Marichka, marks a […]

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Ukrainian Drone Attack in Moscow Region Injures Two, Causes Disruption to Nearly 50 Flights

At least two people were injured on Monday when fragments of a Ukrainian drone shot down by Russian air defenses landed on a home in the Moscow region, according to the regional governor. Russia claimed it jammed a Ukrainian drone in the Ruzsky district west of the capital and destroyed another nearby in the Istrinsky […]

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Ukrainian Troops Share Stories of Russian Forces Striking Their Own Soldiers 

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine has reached a grim milestone as it enters its 18th month, and with each passing day, the desperation within the ranks of Russian forces seems to be escalating.  In a shocking turn of events, reports have emerged detailing instances of friendly fire among Russian troops, a stark indicator of […]

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Netherlands and Denmark to Provide Ukraine with Up to 61 F-16 Fighter Jets

The Netherlands and Denmark have jointly declared their intention to contribute 61 F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine’s air force following President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s diplomatic visits to both nations. This development comes in response to Ukraine’s ongoing efforts to bolster its air defense capabilities. Denmark’s prime minister, Mette Frederiksen, said her country would provide 19 jets, […]

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Advancing Counteroffensive: Ukraine Regains Southeastern Village, Gains Momentum

Ukraine has announced the successful recapture of a strategic southeastern village as its counteroffensive gains momentum.  The retaking of this village marks a notable advancement in the ongoing conflict, reflecting the country’s determination to restore territorial integrity and fend off external aggression. The village, which had been under separatist control for a considerable period, was […]

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Day 539 of Russia-Ukraine Invasion: Recent News and Insights from the War Zone

A large-scale air attack struck Ukraine’s western regions of Lviv and Volyn, resulting in tragic consequences. Three individuals lost their lives, several sustained injuries, and buildings were left damaged in the wake of the barrage. Despite many incoming missiles being successfully intercepted, some made direct hits on Lviv, prompting city mayor Andriy Sadovyi to initiate […]

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Ukraine Reports Gritty Combat and Progress in Counteroffensive

The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has escalated once again as Ukraine reported fierce fighting along its entire front line on Monday.  While the Ukrainian military faces significant challenges posed by Russian minefields and fortified positions, there has been “some success” in pushing back Moscow’s troops in a strategic part of the southeast. Deputy Defence […]

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Zelenskiy Removes Military Recruitment Heads Amid Frontline Bribe Scandal

Volodymyr Zelenskiy has announced the dismissal of all the heads of Ukraine’s regional military recruitment centres in the latest drive to root out corruption after officials were accused of taking bribes from those seeking to avoid the frontlines. At a time when the country’s army was desperate for new recruits, Ukraine’s president called for accepting […]

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Accounting Error Leads to Release of $200Mln in Arms to Kyiv from US

President Joe Biden’s administration will announce $200 million in new weapons aid for Ukraine as early as Tuesday, according to US officials, as it begins to distribute $6.2 billion in funds discovered after a Pentagon accounting error over-valued billions of dollars in Ukraine aid, two US officials said on Monday. The Pentagon announced in May […]

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Russia and Ukraine’s Aggressive Actions Leave Blood Bank and University in Ruins

Deadly air raids have caused significant damage to crucial facilities in Ukraine as the conflict between Russian and Ukrainian forces intensified. A blood transfusion center, a university, and an aeronautics facility were the targets of the escalated attacks. The situation worsened following a strike by Kyiv on a Russian tanker in the Black Sea. As […]