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President Donald Trump’s supporters hailed William Barr’s performance as attorney general during his stint as the president’s attorney general, which began in 2017.

Trump now refers to Barr as a “spineless RINO” and a “disappointment in every sense of the word,” according to the president.

A bigger pattern has emerged that paints the former president in a highly negative light, and this incident is a part of it.

A new book by the former attorney general, as we noted yesterday, is packed with accusations of his former employer in the Oval Office, including targeting Trump’s temperament and pettiness, as well as his outright lies about his 2020 election failure.

Barr now believes that the previous president “was only concerned with himself and nothing else.” “Country and principle were ranked second and third, respectively.”

Barr also believes that the former president is an “incorrigible” narcissist whose post-election lies were “a disservice to the nation,” according to Barr.

He now wants his party to look for fresh leaders who will not be influenced by Trump’s “erratic personal behavior,” as he put it. The prospect of Trump running for president in a third national election is “dismaying,” according to the former attorney general.

Barr is a highly flawed messenger for a variety of reasons, and his efforts to rehabilitate his reputation and remove the stain of the Trump administration from his record should be met with skepticism.

While this is critical, it’s also worth noting how many people who have worked directly with Trump now say he is unsuitable to serve in the White House, which is also significant.

To give an example, John Kelly worked as Trump’s White House chief of staff for 17 months, spending nearly every day in the West Wing with the then-president. Kelly is now struggling to keep his evident contempt for Trump under control.

Team Trump

Returning to our earlier coverage, Barr and Kelly are surrounded by a large number of supporters. In June 2020, former Defense Secretary James Mattis published an unusually harsh condemnation of President Donald Trump, in which he accused the president of being divisive, immature, and careless in his use of executive authority.

Two weeks later, former White House National Security Advisor John Bolton, who had also worked closely with Trump for a year and a half, came to the conclusion that the then-president was “unfit for the office of the president.”

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Rex Tillerson, the former Secretary of State, gave some of his own unflattering opinions about President Donald Trump. “Pretty undisciplined,” “doesn’t like to read,” and “frequently” pressured Tillerson to pursue measures that were in conflict with American laws, according to the country’s former top diplomat.

And this is just a list of the highest-ranking people who held positions in the cabinet. If we consider other government officials who worked with Trump but were not part of the cabinet, the list grows significantly longer still.

Almost every president has received criticism from partisan rivals and detractors in the media, but hearing from individuals who were formerly members of Trump’s own staff is a qualitatively different experience.

As former officials, several of these individuals had a front-row seat as the Republican attempted to lead, observed how he processed information, weighed the evidence, and made judgments.

As a result, now that these men and women have been released from the government and have had the opportunity to reflect on their time on Team Trump, they are ready to inform the public that Trump is unqualified to serve as president of the United States.

History is replete with examples of presidents who have had disagreements with one or more of their advisors, but we’ve never seen anything quite like this before.