The $150 Gas Stimulus Cards Are Now Available!

Residents in one community may be eligible for a $150 stimulus gas card to help them cope with rising gas prices.

A total of 50,000 gas cards with a $150 value will be available.

The cards will be distributed through a lottery mechanism in Chicago.

Lori Lightfoot, the mayor of Chicago, advocated for the bill to be passed in order to assist residents who are struggling due to rising gas prices.

Eligibility for gas cards as a stimulus

In order to acquire a gas card in Chicago, you must meet a few requirements.

The $150 Gas Stimulus Cards Are Now Available!

To begin, you must be a city resident.

You must also be at least 18 years old.

Checks of up to $800 are available to individuals this summer as a stimulus

For your vehicle, you’ll need a city sticker and the relevant mailing address.

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Finally, your household income must be less than or equal to 140 percent of Chicago’s AMI.

Requesting a gas stimulant

You can apply on the city of Chicago’s website.

Who is eligible for the $850 payment?

A lottery system is used to distribute the cards.

Each family is only allowed to submit one application.

In addition to these cards, 100,000 public transit cards with a $50 value will be distributed.