The Administration of Vice President Joe Biden Has Launched a Government-wide Racial Justice Program!

The Biden administration launched a series of Equity Action Plans on Thursday, with the goal of advancing racial equity and justice throughout the federal government and beyond.

Those plans, according to the White House, will be released by more than 90 federal agencies and will spell out more than 300 concrete racial justice measures to “address systemic hurdles” that prevent neglected communities from achieving prosperity, dignity, and equality.

In accordance with the White House, this racial justice and equity project entails new tactics to “embed equity, racial justice, and gender equality in day-to-day governing,” as well as “improving the effectiveness of existing programmes.”

These activities are in response to a presidential executive order issued in January 2021 with the goal of advancing racial equity in the federal government.

There are initiatives included in this comprehensive multiyear approach that are meant to support communities who, according to the White House, have been denied opportunities for far too long.

Racial Justice Program

According to the White House, these communities include people of colour, tribal, rural, and LGBTQ+ groups, as well as women and girls, persons with disabilities, and communities that have been impacted by persistent poverty.

For example, the Department of Labor will manifest itself in a new initiative to remove barriers that employees of colour have in obtaining equitable access to unemployment insurance benefits, as well as increased enforcement of wage and hour rules.

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is attempting to decrease the racial gap in homeownership while also minimising bias in property appraisals and mortgage lending practises.

More Topics:

According to the White House, building a comprehensive framework for measuring the cumulative impacts of pollution on low-income areas will be a priority for the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition, the Environmental Protection Agency will redouble its efforts to protect civil rights.

When it comes to advocating for racial justice across the federal government, the Department of Commerce will invest roughly $50 billion in broadband infrastructure to help reduce the digital divide, which will be especially important for rural and tribal areas.