The Fssa Says May Is the Last Month for Emergency Snap Assistance| Latest News!

According to the Family and Social Services Administration, Hoosiers who have relied on emergency SNAP benefits throughout the epidemic would no longer be eligible for those additional benefits beginning in June.

Because the state’s pandemic public health emergency declaration is no longer in effect, all of this is taking place.

It’s understandable that some individuals may be concerned when they learn that food stamps will be reduced. Moreover, this is occurring at a time when food prices are growing.

“When we go to the grocery, we all have to deal with it, but for the under-resourced, it hits them even harder because they don’t have the money, to begin with, to pay it,” said Carol Phipps, executive director of the Franklin-based organization.

Since April 2020, federal COVID-19 emergency funding has enabled Hoosiers who are eligible for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) to receive the maximum amount available.

Emergency Snap Assistance

“At the beginning of the pandemic, things more than doubled. People were in a state of extreme distress and panic. According to Phipps, “we are still seeing approximately 30% more cases than we were pre-pandemic,” and the numbers have not decreased.

The food pantry has been in operation for more than 30 years and serves the entire state of Indiana.
The place has been a regular stop for Jean Mills for the past three years.

When it comes to food, Mills says, “it helps a lot, especially now that supermarket prices are so high that when you live on social security, you don’t have a lot of money.”

Mills travels from Greenwood to the pantry at least once a month to get his food needs met. She claims that having extra food on hand when trying to feed youngsters is beneficial.

“The food is good, it isn’t obsolete, it helps you save money on your grocery bill, and as much as you can, it helps other people,” Mills continued.

According to the most recent figures from January, more than 607,000 Hoosiers required emergency assistance.

The question is, if you’re living on social security and a set amount of money but have to pay rent as well, which comes first: food or rent? Mills explained that the money will be used to assist pay for meals.

Those interested in volunteering may contact the Interchurch Food Pantry in Johnson County. Those that are interested should go to the pantry’s official website.

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