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There has been word that three Democratic legislators in the House of Representatives have agreed to introduce a bill that will distribute money to American residents in the form of a stimulus check.

This new stimulus check would be sent solely to offset the rise in the price of gasoline in the United States.

Members of Congress from California, Illinois, and Connecticut, Mike Thompson, Lauren Underwood, and John Larson, have opted to co-sponsor a new bill that would provide every qualified citizen with a one-time payment of $100 per month.

A new stimulus check or a state gas tax, which is preferable?

This energy refund will be available to middle-class drivers and other eligible individuals during months when the average national price of gasoline will be more than $4 per gallon on average.

It is anticipated that this stimulus check of $100 will be paid to single filers with yearly earnings of less than $75,000, with the rebate amount decreasing as earnings grow to less than $79,999.

Similarly, for joint filers, the yearly income must be less than $150,000 in order for them to qualify for the $100 refund, and if the income increases to more than $160,000, the rebate will be discontinued.

New Gas Stimulus Check

Furthermore, according to Thompson, the government would provide an additional $100 for each dependent.

According to Thompson, the continuous conflict between Russia and Ukraine is putting strain on the majority of Americans, who are feeling the pressure of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Due to the imposition of multiple sanctions against Russia by the United States, the national gas price has jumped to $4.23 per thousand cubic feet.

While Republicans in the United States Senate have shown support for a fresh stimulus package, Republicans in Tennessee have voiced opposition, arguing that the country should instead focus on increasing oil production.

She advised that the United States should concentrate on resuming construction of the Keystone pipeline, drilling for oil for local consumption, and then exporting any extra oil to other countries.

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Despite the fact that plans for a gas card and a gas tax holiday are being studied, the ideas are still some distance away from becoming reality.