The Thrilling Backstory of This Most Haunted Hotel in Oklahoma
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The Thrilling Backstory of This Most Haunted Hotel in Oklahoma

Those in search of a haunted getaway in Oklahoma should think about staying at the Skirvin Hilton Hotel in the heart of Oklahoma City. Some say that Effie, a former maid, still lingers in the building that she helped build in 1911. The disturbing storyline begins with Effie purportedly pregnant secretly as a consequence of her affair with the hotel’s founder, W.B. Skirvin.

Skirvin allegedly had Effie confined to a room on the hotel’s top floor to prevent a public scandal, and it was there that she sadly gave birth to a baby boy. As the story goes, Effie was so distraught that she threw herself and her kid out of the window.

How Effie’s Haunting Became Mysterious

In the years following those tragic events, the Skirvin Hilton Hotel has been the site of numerous chilling reports of paranormal activity, including eerie baby cries, eerie whispers from women, and the sound of footsteps that seem to be moving through the hotel.

Some swear they saw Effie, dressed as a maid, float down the halls or even materialize in their rooms. Effie is infamous for her naughty ways; rumor has it that she plays practical jokes on male guests by running the water, flushing the toilet, and even knocking on their doors. Some guys have even claimed to have felt Effie’s touch or kiss them while they were sleeping.

In the NBA Hex

As if the Skirvin Hilton Hotel’s eerie aura weren’t enough, it has become a walking curse for NBA teams that travel to Oklahoma City to face the Thunder. Some guests have reported paranormal activity at the hotel, including trouble sleeping, a generalized sense of discomfort, and even nightmares.

A few sportsmen have claimed that they had a ghostly encounter at the hotel, which caused them to perform poorly while playing. When the Cleveland Cavaliers lost in 2016, there were rumors of a baby sobbing in the locker room, while in 2010, when the New York Knicks lost to the Thunder, players said they saw Effie in their rooms.

Deciphering the Veracity of the Legend

There is very little evidence to back up the veracity of Effie’s tragic account, despite its extensive distribution. An opposing hotel owner may have fabricated the tale to tarnish the reputation of the Skirvin Hilton Hotel, according to some historians.

There appears to have been no Effie maid or any murder or suicide involving a mother and her infant at the hotel, according to the records. Paranormal investigators have supposedly captured extraterrestrial voices (EVPs), orbs, and other abnormalities at the hotel, which paranormal enthusiasts use to support their claims.

Final Reflections

Whether one is open to paranormal experiences or not, the Skirvin Hilton Hotel offers an enthralling glimpse into Oklahoma City’s past and present. This hotel has hosted many famous people, including Frank Sinatra, Harry Truman, Elvis Presley, and Barack Obama.

It has a restaurant, a bar, a spa, and a ballroom. People say that Effie lives on the tenth floor, so if you’re trying to get some sleep, you might want to avoid that floor. An extraterrestrial encounter could happen at any moment.

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