This City Has Been Named The Most Conservative City in New Jersey
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This City Has Been Named The Most Conservative City in New Jersey

Even though the state is known for turning Democratic, there is one stronghold of conservatism that stands firm: The city of Sussex, which is in Sussex County and surrounded by trees, is the crown jewel of the Republican right. This piece digs deep into Sussex’s political tapestry to show the intricate threads that make up its conservative identity and its unique place in New Jersey’s political landscape.

Beyond the Page

New Jersey has a long history of Democratic rule, even though the state is mostly blue. From big cities like Newark and Jersey City to sprawling suburbs, the Garden State has always voted Democratic in statewide races. But in the northwest corner, tucked away among rolling hills and vast farms, is Sussex County, a stark political outlier in the state.

We looked at more than just election maps to find the most conservative city in New Jersey. We looked at election results from the last five presidential elections, breaking down the results by county to find places that regularly voted for Republicans. Social polls by the Pew Research Center and Gallup gave us more information about how people in New Jersey feel about politics. Lastly, we looked at the local laws and policies that were put in place across the state. This showed us what values lawmakers were thinking about when they made decisions.

Sussex County

The county of Sussex, which is known as “A Rural Bastion of Red,” shows how strong conservative beliefs are in rural America. The county has been around since 1798 and has a long history of farming. It has rolling hills with dairy fields and cute towns. Its population statistics show that its people are different from those in the state’s cities. The average age in Sussex County is about 47, which is a lot older than the average age in New Jersey, which is 38. The typical household income in this area is over $90,000, which is higher than the state median of $87,000. Also, more people have better levels of education—over 40% of residents have a bachelor’s degree or higher, compared to 34% of people in the state as a whole.

All of these things work together to make a good environment for conservative views. People who live in country areas tend to be very independent and strong-willed. A lot of people in that area own guns, and they don’t trust the government to get involved in their lives. Voting trends show this: In the 2020 presidential election, 63% of people in Sussex County chose Donald Trump, while only 57% of people in the state chose Joe Biden. Local laws support these conservative views even more. Sussex County has lowered taxes, eased gun control rules, and pushed for school choice programs.

Sussex City: A Stronghold for Conservatives:

In this safe haven for conservatives, Sussex City becomes a microcosm of the political personality of the whole county. The city has been around since 1753 and has a population of about 2,800 people, mostly white families and seniors. The numbers show it clearly: 72% of people in Sussex City voted for Trump in the 2020 presidential election, making it the most Republican city in the whole state.

Several things have led to this strong conservative mindset. The city’s population is very similar to the county’s. The median age is higher, incomes are higher, and more people have college degrees. Also, the city has a lot of religious people—most of the people who live there are Protestant or Catholic—which makes it even more conservative.

It’s important to keep in mind, though, that Sussex City’s politics aren’t all the same. There are pockets of liberals, especially among younger people and people who work in public schools or hospitals. Still, it’s clear that most people in Sussex City are conservative, which makes the city a shining example of Republican ideals in New Jersey.

Going Beyond the Complexities

Simply calling a place “conservative” or “liberal” might be too simple. There are a lot of different political views in Sussex City and New Jersey as a whole. People in the area have a wide range of views on topics such as gun control and environmental laws. We need to get past simple labels and look at things from different points of view in order to fully understand the city’s political identity.

A Look Ahead in The Future

It’s still not clear what will happen to conservatives in Sussex City and New Jersey in the future. Changes in the state’s population, economy, and social trends could all affect its politics.

More young people moving into the area with a wider range of political views could pose a threat to the dominance of Republican ideas in Sussex City and New Jersey as a whole. In cities like Jersey City and Newark, where millennials and Gen Z voters have helped the Democrats win back power, this trend is already clear. But it’s harder to say how fast and how big this change will be in rural places like Sussex.

You can’t forget about the part that technology and social media play either. These platforms make it easier than ever to get knowledge and different points of view, even in geographically isolated places. More exposure to these ideas could help people in Sussex City understand and accept those with different political views. On the other hand, it could also create echo chambers and make views even stronger.

In the end, the future of conservatives in New Jersey lies where these many complicated factors meet. Trends in the economy, changes in the population, and the way the media works will all affect the state’s politics. For now, Sussex City is still a stronghold of Republican principles, but its future will not stay the same.


As time goes on, Sussex City will definitely continue to change. The world will challenge and change its conservative ideals. We will have to wait and see if it stays a stronghold for Republicans or slowly opens up to people of all party views. There is one thing that is certain, though: the story of Sussex City shows that the political environment of any area is complex and always changing, made up of history, demographics, and people’s desire to be heard and understood.

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