This Is The Cheapest City To Live in Alabama
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This Is The Cheapest City To Live in Alabama

Alabama is full of history, culture, and beautiful scenery. A lot of the cheap places to live in the country are in this state. says that Jacksonville is the most affordable place in Alabama to live in. About 11,000 people live there. It’s in Etowah County.

The average home price in Jacksonville is $97,000, which is 16% less than the average price across the whole country. The city has a cost of living score of 77.9, which means that people can live a good life without spending too much money.

What Makes Jacksonville So Cheap?

A few things make Jacksonville’s cost of living low. For starters, it’s close to Atlanta, which makes it simple to get good jobs, fun things to do, and useful services.

Second, there are many job opportunities in Jacksonville in fields such as healthcare, education, tourism, and making things. Lake Guntersville State Park and Etowah National Forest are just a short drive away.

What’s In The Town?

If you’re looking for a cheap place to live, Jacksonville has a lot to offer. Here are some of the good things about it:

  1. Good schools: Boys and girls of all ages can get a good education at Jacksonville’s public and private schools.
  2. Low crime: Jacksonville has one of the lowest crime rates in Alabama and the whole country.
  3. A high standard of life: People in Jacksonville are friendly and open, and there are lots of cultural and recreational activities to choose from.
  4. Low tax rates: In Jacksonville, there is no state income tax and no city sales tax.

In What Ways Can You Move To Jacksonville?

If you want to move to Jacksonville, you need to find a good housing option that fits your needs and your price. Both and Redfin can help you find homes or flats for rent or sale in Jacksonville.

Get in touch with property owners or real estate agents in your area for help finding your perfect home. The thought of moving to a new place might be both exciting and hard. This isn’t true in Jacksonville, though. Living there is both high-quality and cheap, so you should think about making it your new home.

Some Other Alabama Places To Live That Are Affordable

Other places in Alabama where you could live that aren’t too expensive are:


Athens is a town in Limestone County where about 24,000 people live. This home costs about $149,900, which is 15% less than the average house in the United States. A cost of living score of 76.9 means that living costs are low enough that people can live comfortably without spending too much.


About 16,000 people are living in the town of Northport in Baldwin County. The average home price is $179,900, which is 14% less than the average price in the United States. With an index of 77.7, the town’s living costs are also low, so people who live there can afford to live a good life on a tight budget.


About 115,000 people are living in the town of Hoover in Jefferson County. It costs 19% less to buy a home in Hoover than it does in the rest of the country. Also, with an index of 77.8, the cost of living is cheap, so people can live a good life without spending too much.

Last Words

There are many good things about Alabama for people who want to live somewhere cheap. Of all the towns in the state, Jacksonville stands out as the most affordable place to live. It has a low median home price and a good cost of living index.

Jacksonville has a diverse economy, a friendly town, and is close to Atlanta, making it easy to get to. Jacksonville might be a great place for you to go if you’re looking for work, a new home, or an exciting adventure.

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