Update on the Fourth Stimulus Check: New Payments Are Being Made, and Here’s Who Is Eligible| Latest News

The federal stimulus checks are practically sure to be completed and returned to the Treasury Department shortly, especially given the government’s apparent eagerness to begin moving past the COVID-19 Pandemic.

However, owing to stimulus money allocated at the state and municipal levels, a fortunate few in some areas may still be able to get a little additional cash this year.

While California considers whether to issue another round of Golden State Stimulus checks as part of its yearly budget approval, other states, notably Massachusetts, are just getting ready to provide another round of payouts to citizens who qualify for the program.

 Fourth Stimulus Check

New Payments Are Being Made, and Here’s Who Is Eligible.

A $500 payment from the state will be made to qualifying low-income workers in March, according to a local television station, WWLP 22. Eligibility is based on 2020 state tax filings, and income must be between $12,750-$38,280 for single filers to qualify.

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A $500 payment will be made to families of four that have a combined income of no more than $78,600 a year.

The assistance is a component of a $4 billion COVID-19 relief plan approved by Governor Charlie Baker in December. Participants in the first round of payments who received unemployment benefits in 2020 are not eligible for the second round of payments,

which is scheduled to be disclosed by the state at a later date. It is unclear if the second round will be offered up to people who got unemployed.

Of fact, even while additional government stimulus money does not appear to be on the horizon, there are still methods for earlier payouts to be paid out, particularly as the tax filing season continues.

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According to information provided by the Internal Revenue Service, a family of a person who died in 2021 and who received the full $1,400 stimulus check is eligible to claim the money in this year’s tax season.

In addition, parents who got the first half of the Expanded Kid Tax Credits could anticipate getting the second half of the credit as part of their income tax returns this year, which amounts to between $1,500 and $1,800 per child depending on age, as part of their income tax returns.

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