Update on the Stimulus: Here’s What It Would Take for Another Stimulus Check-in 2022

Millions of Americans have signed a petition seeking another COVID-19 stimulus payment as record-high inflation wreaks havoc on household budgets.

But how likely are lawmakers in Washington, D.C. to give in to these requests and make another direct deposit into people’s bank accounts?

This is what would have to happen for a fourth stimulus check to be approved.

Only in these conditions is another stimulus check possible

Only if a majority of the US House of Representatives and Senate vote for additional direct payment — and if President Joe Biden signs a financial relief package into law permitting the release of more monies — is another stimulus check possible.

Many Democrats would certainly support a programme that would give the public additional money. Several proposals have been made that might provide more stimulus relief.

Build Back Better, which offered parents an enhanced Child Tax Credit, and various measures that would pay money to most Americans to help them deal with high gas prices, are examples. To date, none of this legislation has passed.

Update on the Stimulus: Here's What It Would Take for Another Stimulus Check-in 2022

The fact that Democrats hold a slim majority in the House of Representatives is a serious issue. And their Senate majority is significantly slimmer.

There are only 50 senators who normally vote with the Democrats, and if the Senate breaks 50-50, Vice President Kamala Harris might be the tie-breaker.

To make matters more difficult, Republicans have the option of using a procedural technique known as the filibuster to stop most legislation from passing through the Senate.

60 votes would be required to end a filibuster and pass a law. That means that if another stimulus plan is passed through the usual legislative procedure, at least ten Republicans must vote yes.

Democrats can also use a procedure known as reconciliation to pass a bill. Filibusters are not allowed on reconciliation bills. This is how the last stimulus package passed despite Republican opposition.

This, however, would necessitate the support of all 50 Democrats in the Senate.

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This means that in order for another stimulus bill to pass, either every Democrat in the Senate must support it unanimously or 10 Republican senators must vote in favour of it.

Is it likely that future stimulus packages will be passed?

When inflation is rising, several conservative Democrats have expressed reservations about providing more money for people to spend.

They have stated that they believe a huge spending package would raise demand for goods and services, aggravating inflation by driving prices higher. As a result, another stimulus bill in the Senate is unlikely to succeed without the support of 50 Democrats.

And, given that Republicans opposed the previous stimulus package, even when the epidemic was considerably worse, it’s improbable that ten Republicans would vote in favour of more financial aid.

As a result, the prospects of receiving an additional direct payment are limited. Another check is only likely if economic conditions deteriorate significantly and lawmakers are obliged to act.

If the country falls into a major recession, or if a new COVID variant results in more lockdowns, it’s feasible that another payment will be made.

Outside of these circumstances, however, another stimulus payout in 2022 is quite unlikely.