Update on the Stimulus: What You Need to Know About the $350 Monthly Payment Plan

Millions of Americans would be able to resume monthly payments under a plan put out by Sen. Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney’s Family Security Act, as it’s known, would allow millions of recipients to have work conditions placed in place.

Restart the Payment Process.

With the Family Security Act, families with children ages 0-5 may get up to $350 in monthly benefits while families with children ages 6-17 might receive $250 in monthly benefits. Families may receive up to $1,250 each month, and expecting mothers and fathers could apply for benefits up to four months before the due date of their child.

Update on the Stimulus: What You Need to Know About the $350 Monthly Payment Plan

Under Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan, millions of American households will get similar payouts in 2021. During the months of July through December of last year, payments of up to $300 per child were made, with the balance being paid out as a tax credit this year. Efforts for more stimulus have failed to gain support in the House of Representatives after Congress failed to extend such payments past December.

By “modernizing and streamlining outmoded federal procedures,” Romney claimed in a statement, he had “created a new national commitment to American families.”

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Low-income families would no longer have to choose between earning more money and being eligible for government assistance if this bill were to become law. While providing a path to middle-class living, this plan will lift nearly three million children out of poverty immediately and not add one penny to the federal budget,” Romney stated.

Requirements of the Job

In Romney’s plan, job restrictions for payment recipients are a major and controversial component.

NBC News reported that a common threshold for state-level benefits is 80 hours of work per month or a comparable amount of job training or volunteer work, but the plan did not include specifics on the necessary conditions.

The legislation, which has not yet been formally introduced, is open to negotiation and has not yet been finished by Romney’s staff, according to the Romney campaign.