Walmart Has a Generous Price-matching Policy, but There’s a Catch!

Because of growing prices as a result of inflation, most customers nowadays are on the lookout for the finest bargains. Given the high cost of gasoline,

you may not want to visit many locations in order to save money, which is why choosing stores that have price matching policies might be beneficial.

Walmart offers a price match policy, but you’ll need to be aware of all of the exclusions in order to avoid any difficulties later on down the road.

In the first place, it’s important to understand that the price match policy for and Walmart brick-and-mortar locations are two completely distinct things. Walmart stores will only match online prices from, not in-store prices.

For example, if you’re shopping at Walmart and pull out your phone to find a lower price on Amazon, Walmart will not match that price since it is too expensive.

You can either order from the other shop to save money and wait a day or two for the product (unless same-day shipping is available), or you can pay extra and walk out the door with the item in hand from Walmart, depending on your preference.

More Walmart In-Store Price Match Policies That You Should Be Aware Of

Additionally, Walmart has a number of exclusions for its in-store price matching policy. It’s important to note that you may only use the price match discount on one item every day, so plan accordingly.

Furthermore, according to U.S. News & World Report, BOGO bargains are not eligible for price match savings at this time.

Aside from that, in order to take advantage of price matching, the item in question must be an exact match and appear to be in stock on the Walmart website.

Generous Price-matching Policy

Price-Matching Policies at will price-match items that you find online for a lower price at one of their competitors’ websites. A vast list of websites is provided, although it does not include every website on the internet.

Price matching is available from the following online merchants, according to the corporate website:

Many items, including Black Friday and Cyber Week discounts, closeouts, liquidations, and flash sales, as well as any refurbished merchandise, are exempt from price matching on the internet; these items include:

More Updates:

Walmart will only price match if the listed price is lower than the price at Walmart after any coupons or discounts are applied.
You’ll want to be well-prepared before you walk into the store or make an online purchase in light of all of this.

Double-check that the brand, model, size, and color are all the same as they were on the original order. Walmart will not sell the item at a reduced price if this is not the case.

In some situations, a supervisor in the store must use an in-store terminal to check the pricing and availability on before making a purchase.

Neither online nor in-store, customers in the U.S. territories of Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico will be able to take advantage of this arrangement.