Watters: Americans beg Biden to do something for America ‘once’| Latest News!

In “Jesse Watters Primetime,” Jesse Watters claimed that Americans “don’t care” about Russia or Ukraine “the way the Europeans do,” in contrast to the Europeans.

As he said, “We are concerned about our money as well as our borders and our safety.”

“We simply want [President] Biden to do something — anything — for us once in a while. Not his donors, not his allies, and not even his family members – just once, for the sake of us, please.”

According to Watters, the conflict between Ukraine and Russia “feels like a war has begun,” and that it didn’t take long for Americans to notice the effects in their “bank accounts,” with the global economy “shuttered” and the price of oil approaching $100 a barrel.

According to AAA, the national average gas price on Tuesday was $3.53, which is about $1 higher than the national average gas price of $2.63 a year ago, as Watters pointed out.

“However, today marked the first time Biden said, ‘Oh, this might affect you,’ and it’s only the beginning.”

Americans beg Biden

Watters: Americans beg Biden to do something for America ‘once’

On Tuesday, the president stated, “We’re keeping a tight eye on energy supply in case there’s an interruption. Gas prices will be lowered as a result of this.”

“It appears that Putin has gained control of Ukraine, resulting in greater gas prices for us,” Watters replied.

Watters went on to say that Biden “spent years telling us he was Putin’s worst opponent,

” noting that he removed sanctions on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 pipeline and scrapped the Keystone XL pipeline from Canada during his presidency.

“So, if Putin pursues his aim of re-building the old Soviet empire, are we willing to put our sons in harm’s way to fight a land war in Eastern Europe over a country like Estonia?” Watters was the one who inquired.

“Certainly, that is a really valid issue, and it is not a simple one to answer. There is nothing negative to say about the great people of Estonia.

I mean, that country has a population that is comparable to that of Maine.”

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