What Is the West Virginia Mountain State Card and How Do I Apply?

The Mountain State Card, which is administered by the West Virginia Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), is used to give monthly benefits to low-income families and individuals who qualify.

It is West Virginia’s EBT card, which functions similarly to a credit or debit card in that it allows SNAP beneficiaries to make purchases of qualified food items at authorized businesses.

Cash beneficiaries can also use their Mountain State Card to obtain cashback on food purchases or to withdraw monies from an ATM using their Mountain State Card.

The first three cash withdrawals per month are free at ATMs and/or card reader machines that have the “Quest” brand displayed on the machine.

After that, a $1.00 fee is deducted from your WV WORKS account for each additional one. In addition, bank surcharges for using ATMs will be deducted from your bank account.

There are no additional fees associated with using the card to make food purchases.
Eligibility for SNAP assistance is determined by the size of the household, its income, its assets, and certain household expenses.

Virginia Mountain State

The amount of SNAP benefits you receive is determined by the size of your home and your countable income after all deductions have been taken into account; however, families with an elderly or disabled member are given preferential treatment.

When it comes to homes with an elderly or disabled member, West Virginia has a greater asset limit and does not require a gross income test to be completed.

In such cases, “excess shelter/utility costs” as well as medical expenses over $35 per month might be deducted from your income.

Dietary assistance programs (SNAP) in West Virginia are handled by the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources (DHHR).

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You can apply for SNAP benefits in West Virginia online through the Department of Health and Human Resources’ PATH system. You can also print out a SNAP application and submit it to your local Department of Health and Human Resources office.

If you are found to be eligible for SNAP following an interview with the Department of Health and Human Resources, you will be issued a West Virginia Mountain State Card that will include your monthly benefit amount as of the day your signed application was received.