When Louisiana Payments Are Distributed in May, It Depends on Your Social Security Number!

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) provides nutrition benefits to low-income households to augment their food budgets; however, monthly monies account for only a percentage of the total monthly food budget for low-income households.

It is possible to qualify for Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits in Louisiana. Benefits are paid into SNAP accounts, which are connected to Louisiana Purchase Cards, on a monthly basis.

According to the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services, the majority of Louisiana households must fulfill both the gross and net income requirements in order to qualify for welfare assistance.

In contrast, families with members over the age of 60 or with a person receiving certain forms of disability benefits are simply required to meet the net income requirement.

When Louisiana Payments Are Distributed in May, It Depends on Your Social Security Number!

The amount of SNAP benefits received by Louisiana residents each month is determined by the size of the household as well as the amount of countable monthly income that remains after all permitted deductions have been taken into account.

The Louisiana Combined Application Project, often known as LaCAP, is a streamlined form of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) for Louisiana residents who are at least 60 years old and receive Supplemental Security Income.

Households that qualify for LaCAP will obtain a Louisiana Purchase Card, and SNAP funds will be automatically transferred into the account on a monthly basis, similar to how SNAP benefits are deposited.

SNAP payments are being distributed on a weekly basis rather than on a daily basis because participants often buy on or shortly after the day their benefits are provided. This will help shops preserve key supplies such as bread, dairy, and fruit.

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Benefits for Louisiana’s SNAP claimants are delivered between the 5th and 23rd of each month, while those who are old or disabled will continue to get their benefits from the 1st through the 4th of each month.

All other SNAP users will receive their benefits based on the last two digits of their Social Security number unless they specify otherwise.

Benefits are made accessible at the conclusion of the SSN.

SSN ends in Benefits available
0 May 5
1 May 7
2 May 9
3 May 11
4 May 13
5 May 15
6 May 17
7 May 19
8 May 21
9 May 23