When Will You Receive Your Fourth Cola Social Security Check?

In a few days, the fourth batch of Social Security payments will be delivered to your door.

Around 64 million Social Security beneficiaries will see an increase in their cost of living adjustment of 5.9 per cent in the year 2022, according to government estimates.

Social Security payments will be mailed on the second, third, and fourth Wednesdays of each month, according to the recipient’s birth date.

As a result of the hike, retired workers will see a monthly boost in their pension checks of $1,565 to $1,657 per month.

The couple’s monthly benefits increased from $2,599 to $2,753 as a result of the increase. Disabled Americans, on the other hand, experienced a 5.9 per cent increase.

“We have gotten hundreds of emails from folks who are concerned about making ends meet,” Shannon Benton, of the Senior Citizens League, said in an interview with the Sun.

Cola Social Security Check?

“For many, the large cost of living adjustment only served to compound their financial troubles by raising their income above programme limitations, making them ineligible for medicare savings programmes and other forms of assistance.”

Schedule for Receiving Social Security Benefits

  • It is possible to receive your cheque on Wednesday, April 13 if your birthday falls between the 1st and 10th of the month.
  • If your birthday falls between April 11 and April 20, your cheque will be delivered on Wednesday, April 20th.
  • If your birthday falls between April 21st and April 30th, your check will be delivered on Wednesday, April 27th.

When it comes to Social Security benefits, there is federal assistance available. However, if those benefits are insufficient to meet your basic requirements, you may be eligible for the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programme.

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Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is offered to those over the age of 65 who have low financial means.

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