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With Ron Desantis as a Clear Second-choice, Donald Trump Wins the Cpac Straw Poll| New Updates!

Cpac Straw Poll

Former is an abbreviation for Former. 59 per cent of those who voted in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s presidential straw poll supported President Donald Trump, demonstrating his continued dominance of the Republican Party.

However, it also demonstrated that there is a clear favoured alternative to Trump. President Donald Trump ended in second place with 28 per cent of the vote, followed by Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis,

who had a home-court advantage due to the conference being hosted in his state and with many Florida citizens attending the conference?

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came in third place with only 2 per cent of the vote, while all other names received less than that percentage.
Following the removal of Donald Trump from the race, DeSantis soared in the straw poll, winning with 61 per cent of the vote and earning the support of two-thirds of those who had previously voted for the president.

President Donald Trump Jr. and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tied for second place with 6 per cent each. The results were derived from responses received from 2,574 attendees.


Despite the fact that the yearly gathering of conservatives serves primarily as a barometer of the mood of the Republican base and a testing ground for future presidential contenders,

the straw poll is not always a good predictor of who will be the next Republican nominee for president. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas won the 2016 CPAC straw poll with 40 per cent of the vote.

Trump’s sustained grasp on the conservative movement and the Republican Party, as evidenced by a scattering of Trump-branded clothes and paraphernalia on display at the annual gathering of thousands of conservatives, provided a tangible data point for the president.

Not one, but two Trump-themed goods booths were set up in the CPAC’s sponsor exhibition hall, which was open to the public. According to American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp,

he was the only speaker to entirely fill the conference centre’s ballroom, which was the largest in the state of Florida at the time of his appearance.

The results indicate that the contest for 2024 is roughly the same as it was last year, except that DeSantis has grown in support since the election.

Trump received 55 per cent of the vote if the election were held that day, DeSantis received 21 per cent, and all other candidates received single digits.

Without Trump in the picture, DeSantis had a 43 per cent lead over his opponent.

2021 staw poll, which was conducted shortly after Trump left office and shortly after his second impeachment over the Jan. 6 riot, revealed some fissures in his popularity, including the following:

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Only 68 per cent of those in attendance, rather than an overwhelming majority, expressed opposition to Trump running for president again.
Trump’s victory in the straw poll at CPAC 2022, which took place this year from February 24-27, comes as he came as near as he could to announcing a presidential bid in 2024 without crossing the line to do so in his Friday speech:

“We’ve done it twice already, and we’ll do it again.” This is something we’re going to do again a third time.”

The fact that CPAC is taking place in Florida, the home of DeSantis, has raised concerns among some operatives that the results will be biased in his favour and that Trump’s popularity would be diminished.

In the hours before his speech on Friday, Trump spoke at a secret VIP event before taking to the main stage.

Many regular admission guests were given free tickets, but they were required to show proof that they had participated in the straw poll before to receive their tickets.

In addition, he did not name DeSantis in his Friday speech, instead choosing to acknowledge other Republicans who were in the room and spoke at the conference.

On the first day of the conference, DeSantis was a notable standout, with attendees telling the Washington Examiner that he was the person they were most looking forward to seeing after President Donald Trump.

It was a toss-up between who piqued their interest the most for some.

Devin Standard, a defence contractor who recently relocated to Florida from New Hampshire, said it’s “a toss-up” between Trump and DeSantis as far as who he prefers as president.

As a state-oriented individual, “I favour the state person over the national guy,” he explains.

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