Your SNAP Benefits Decreased? Expert: Pandemic Benefits Gone!

Restrictions on COVID-related benefits have impacted Floridians who are trying to provide for their families.

COVID- In Florida, 19 SNAP-related benefits have been eliminated. It used to be known as food stamps, but SNAP stands for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

People are telling First Coast News that they are only getting $20 anymore. We have a senior policy analyst, Cindy Huddleston, who tells us that is the very lowest amount of SNAP benefits you can earn before you are thrown off of benefits.

Food is difficult to get by, ” “Kari Natal, Kari Natal’s mother, stated this. “I only buy the infant what he requires, and my spending has dropped from $200 to $20 in the process.

When Angelo was 11 months old, Kari Natal became his mother. December was a rough month for her SNAP benefits, she said.

Your SNAP Benefits Decreased? Expert: Pandemic Benefits Gone!

Because it’s not right, we must do something.” “Natal made the statement. “Because of my financial situation, I can’t afford to buy my baby the food he needs.”

At the Florida Policy Institute, Huddleston works. She claims that by the end of 2021, there were two big adjustments to SNAP benefits.

As a result of the COVID emergency allocation ending in August of last year, many people are experiencing a significant reduction in their SNAP payments this year.” “As outlined by Huddleston,

She estimates that families have lost at least $95 in benefits.

According to Huddleston, in order for the federal government to give these benefits, the state has to issue an emergency health proclamation. By the end of August, Florida had stopped.

According to her, another 15% was taken out in September of that year. Once a pandemic benefits, it is no longer available.

Only $12 to $16 was added in October 2021, when the USDA boosted payments across the country.

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In the moment, “What do you require?” Natal was the one who answered my question.

“Food. We’re barely getting by “she said on the subject.

Consider all of your medical costs while qualifying for SNAP assistance, recommends Huddleston. Medication, doctor’s visits, and other expenses are included.

You may be able to recoup part of your losses if you disclose them correctly. According to Huddleston, she’s seen people’s benefits double as a result of the change.

SNAP payments will be reduced if you receive an increase in Social Security benefits, according to her.