19 Jun, 2024
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Federal Student Loan Payment Pause Nearing Its End: Important Details for Sept. 1

Starting next month, the federal government will once again begin collecting payments and interest on outstanding federal student loans, after a three and a half year pause during which no payments were required. As a result of the COVID-19 epidemic, the federal government declared in March of 2020 that student loan payments and interest accrual […]

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Scholarship Opportunities and Financial Aid Available at Boston University School of Public Health

Boston University School of Public Health is dedicated to minimizing the expenses of your public health education at BU through a combination of scholarships, financial assistance, paid work, and practicum opportunities. In 2022, 93% of students in every degree program at the School of Public Health were awarded fellowships, scholarships, loans, or tuition remission. Scholarships […]

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EVAPCO Manufacturing Expansion Tax Incentives Up for Commissioners’ Discussion- Brazos County

An economic development collaboration between Brazos County and a local provider of refrigerator valves as well as systems is on the agenda for Tuesday’s meeting. RVS’s parent firm, EVAPCO, is aiming to increase production and move to a larger facility in the Crosswind Drive, off of Highway 21, area of Bryan. Cooling towers and closed-circuit […]

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Energy-Efficiency Incentives: New Tax Credits and Rebates from All Year Cooling

All Year Cooling hopes that the introduction of federal tax credits and rebates for energy-efficient air conditioning would encourage more people to make the switch. Now that federal tax credits and rebates are available, upgrading to energy-efficient cooling solutions is more affordable and beneficial for households.  All Year Cooling has a wide selection of devices, […]

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Upcoming Social Security Update: Millions to Receive Direct Payment up to $4,555

In 17 days, millions of retirees will get their first Social Security retirement payments for September, totaling up to $4,555 for seniors aged 70 or older. Social Security’s long-term prognosis is still up for debate on Capitol Hill, but the program will need to be altered if lawmakers cannot come to an agreement on funding […]

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IRS Defers Enforcement of Rule Impacting Elderly, High-Earning 401(k) Participants and Companies

The IRS initially postponed the implementation of the new reporting requirement for Forms 1099-K by one year.  The agency has established an administrative transition period for the SECURE 2.0 Act’s catch-up contribution requirements.  Older, higher-income 401(k) members must now make their catch-up contributions into after-tax Roth accounts rather than pre-tax traditional accounts, following this new […]

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Incoming $914 Payment: Social Security Update Brings Direct Funds in Five Days

In a matter of days, recipients of the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program are set to receive their monthly payments, marking the beginning of an exceptional month for beneficiaries due to a unique scheduling quirk.  As of September 1, eligible individuals will see the first two payments arrive in their accounts, followed by the second […]

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Eligibility Criteria for $0 Student Loan Payments: Who Qualifies?

Although student loan payments are scheduled to commence shortly, some borrowers may have zero monthly payments. Tuesday marked the official introduction of the Biden administration’s Saving on a Valuable Education (SAVE) Plan. Vice President Kamala Harris stated in a statement that the proposal might save the average borrower approximately $1,000 per year. It is anticipated […]

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From Direct Deposit to Paper Checks: Montana’s $675 Property Tax Rebates Update

The Department of Revenue of Montana has made a significant declaration concerning property tax rebates. In accordance with the department, all property tax rebates in Montana will be distributed via paper check.  The department has eliminated the direct deposit option for rebate payments. Rebates Issued via Paper Checks On Thursday, the Department of Revenue declared […]

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Missoula County’s 5.4% Tax Increase Proposal Linked to State Tax System Concerns

On Thursday, Missoula County published its preliminary budget, which includes a proposed tax hike of 5.4%, or approximately $3.6 million in new income. The budget proposes a number of one-time expenses that won’t be covered by taxes, but it also includes a number of recurring expenses that would be covered by taxes, such as the […]