Walt Disney World Has Been Called the “Worst Place on Earth” by Citizens of Florida|
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Walt Disney World Has Been Called the “Worst Place on Earth” by Citizens of Florida|

Floridians are coming out against Disney’s progressive drive, referring to the company as the “worst place on Earth” and arguing that the firm should stay out of politics altogether.

As one local told FOX Business Ashley Webster, “I don’t think they should become involved in this situation.” “I think they should entertain us and do what they do best,” says the author.

A new Florida law prohibiting the topic of gender identity or sexual orientation in kindergarten through third-grade schools has prompted a redoubled effort by Disney to denounce the legislation.

The corporation has openly expressed its opposition to the regulation and has said that it will delete the phrases “ladies and gentlemen, lads and girls” from its park greetings as a result of the change.

According to another local neighbor, “we’re talking about kindergarteners through third-graders.” Kids in kindergarten through third grade need to study the things that we talk about,

In response to Disney’s reply, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis lambasted the company as dishonest and hypocritical, pointing out that the company conducts business in nations in North Africa and the Middle East that prohibit homosexual behavior.

On Thursday, DeSantis responded to state senators’ proposal to overturn a 55-year-old statute that allows Disney to self-govern as a municipality known as the Reedy Creek Improvement District.

DeSantis said the law should be repealed. In a news conference, the governor stated that it is past time to reevaluate any “special advantages” granted to any companies.

In DeSantis’ opinion, “a lot of these unique benefits are not justified,” but since Disney had such sway, the company has been able to maintain a lot of special treatment over the years.

The governor also stated that Disney “lost a lot of the pull that they used to have” over the company’s response to the parental rights law, which he believes is “a good thing for our state because the state should be governed by what is in the best interests of our people.”

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